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National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

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The "scoping" meetings were part of the NEPA process .

This is an information-gathering step to identify all the factors the Service should consider when developing alternatives for eagle management and permit regulations.

The Service encouraged everyone to talk to Service staff at meetings and to submit written comments.

In addition to evaluating the environmental effects of a range of alternatives for eagle management, the Service intends the NEPA analysis to:

Things to consider

What are the opportunities, problems, or limitations of the NEPA process outlined above?

What criteria should the Service consider when determining what constitutes a low-risk project?

What resources may be affected by different alternatives to eagle management and permitting?

What factors, other than biology, should be considered in developing management objectives for bald eagles and golden eagles?

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Additional Information

Highlighted Topics

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Topics such as permit duration, management objectives, programmatic permit conditions, criteria for eagle nest removal, compensatory mitigation, and low-risk project category were highlighted at public input meetings.

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